General Help

Working with the Map


There are a number of query and navigation tools on the map.





The main navigation is through the Google maps tool functionality using the zoom bar and the ability to move the map by holding the left mouse button, and dragging the map.  The map will also centre and zoom in to half the zoom level by double clicking on a point on the map



Description Box


The Description Box provides the functionality to query the data via a number of aspects:




Search Map


The Search Map provides functionality to search for items on the map, and to present them in the drop down box




This shows the top and searchable layer. 




This is the Google Address Search


Map Specific Dropdown Boxes


The data can be searched on the fields listed



Tool Buttons


Click on the tool buttons provide map functionality:



Turns Google satellite imagery on and off


Turns Google Street View on and off

Point Select - Place the map pointer above the property on the map, and the property details will appear below the map



Radius Select - Point map pointer to centre of area to select, hold left mouse button, and drag outwards. When area has been selected, a blue radius will appear.  Release the mouse button, and the area will be selected.  All transactions below the blue radius will appear in the Selection Box below the map



Point map pointer to the start of the polygon to be drawn, then click, then move pointer to next point, and click.  Repeat until you have drawn the full  area of teh polygon, and then double click. The polygon will appear on teh map, the the data from the top layer will be selected, and will appear in the box below the map.  



Measuring Tool - Click on map from start point, and end point, and the distance will appear in box



Aggregate Tool - Click on this tool, and a box will show a count of the items selected in the drop down boxes



Selection Box


The Selection Box appears below the map whenever transactions are selected via the Tools or the Search functionality.


The first field has a hyperlinked Select indicator.  Choose the record you wish to view, and the map will zoom to the record, and the  button will appear with the Tool buttons. Click on the   button, and the details linked to that record will appear.



Layer Control



This control appears in the top right corner of the map and is used to control what layers are visible.  If the layer is ticked, it is visible.

Only the layers that are within the Zoom Control limits are shown in the Layer Control box